Storing your artificial Christmas tree and holiday decorations properly in North Carolina ensures that they remain in pristine condition, ready to bring festive joy year after year. The state’s varied climate, from coastal areas to the mountains, means it’s essential to protect your holiday treasures from humidity and temperature fluctuations. North Carolina is one of the top Christmas tree producers in the United States with over 4 million sold annually, but not everyone opts for a live charismas tree, some people prefer re-usable fake Christmas trees that have a 10 year lifespan if properly stored and protected!

Begin with your artificial Christmas tree, the centerpiece of holiday decor. After the festive season, disassemble the tree following the manufacturer’s guidelines. For added convenience, invest in storage bags designed specifically for artificial trees. These bags shield your tree from dust and moisture, preserving its lifelike appearance. Ensure the tree is completely dry before storage to prevent mold or mildew. although your tree may have come in a cardboard box, DO NOT storage your faux charismas tree in cardboard boxes long term as NC humidity, and mice are attracted to cardboard!  once you have secured your tree in a secure storage bag, store the bag in a garage, storage shed, attic or basement!

When it comes to Christmas lights, a common source of frustration is tangled strands. Consider using plastic cord winders or wrapping lights around pieces of cardboard to prevent knots and make the untangling process hassle-free next year. Store lights in sturdy, sealable containers to protect them from potential damage caused by moisture or pests.

For inflatable decorations, thorough cleaning is crucial before storage. Wipe them down with a damp cloth and ensure they are completely dry to prevent mold growth. Deflate the inflatables and fold them neatly, placing them in a storage bin or bag to shield them from dust and potential punctures.

Choose a dedicated storage space that is cool, dry, and shielded from extreme temperatures. Storage Sheds, Attics and basements are common choices, but ensure they are well-ventilated to prevent excessive heat or humidity. Label your storage containers for easy identification when the holiday season rolls around again, Totes work great for long term holiday decoration storage solutions!

Taking these steps ensures that your artificial Christmas tree, Christmas lights, and inflatables remain in top condition, ready to transform your home into a winter wonderland each holiday season. Proper storage not only safeguards your decorations but also simplifies the decorating process, allowing you to focus on the joyous moments the season brings.

If you need extra storage space for your Christmas trees, lights, inflatables, consider a outdoor shed to protect your valuables throughout the year without cluttering up your home or garage!  If you need to match your house we have House Matching Sheds with our 3D Design & Price shed builder! 

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