Hi There! If  your looking for an affordable rent to own shed in Charlotte NC, you have come to the right place! Sheds By Design is a custom shed builder serving Charlotte, NC, and we have no credit check rent to owns sheds near you! How does rent to own work? Lets explore your options for a shed with affordable payment!! Storage sheds with monthly payments mean you can pay over time,  which many people like!  If you can afford to pay in cash for a shed that is great! But many people like the flexibility to pay over time with sheds with installment plans.

How Does Rent To Own Work?

Rent To Own Sheds in Charlotte NC work like this. You sign a rent to own contract, and place the minimum deposit required to have the rent to own shed delivered. Once the rent to own shed is delivered, you then make the month to month payments for as long as you need a storage shed on payments. It you want to take advantage of 90 days same as cash sheds, or pay of your rent to own shed contract early, you can do that!

Can I pay off a Rent To Own Shed Early? 100% YES! the sooner you can take advantage of a early purchase option the better, it will mean you take possession of your shed and the monthly payments end. If you do not take early buyout of shed contract, you will take possession at the end of the consecutive rent to own contract term, 24, 36, 48, or 60 months.

Do Rent To Own Sheds Include Delivery and Installation?

Yes! each Rent-To-Own shed comes with delivery, setup, and installation! That’s the great thing about rent to own storage sheds! They are delivered to you unlike mini storage units which you have to travel to to access your stuff!

What If I Do Not Need My Rent To Own Shed Any Longer?

Wondering how to cancel a rent to own contract? Simple! Call the rent to own company that provides your shed, and tell them you want to cancel the rent to own contract! Its that simple! If your up to date on monthly rental payments on a shed, Rent To Own contracts can be cancelled with a simple phone call! You can also pay off the rent to own unit early and take 100% ownership with NO penalty!

Can I Have My Rent To Own Shed Moved If I Change Address?

If you want to have your rent to own shed moved, you will need to contact the rent to own company in NC! They may or may not approve relocation of shed. If your going to place the shed on a property you do not own, and are wondering how to get landlord approval for rent to own shed, its easy, simply have the landlord fill our a rent to own permission slip that gives the ok to place a shed on the property.

Rent To Own Sheds in NC Offer A Flexible Month To Month Shed Rental.

In essence, rent to own explained works like this:  Rent To Own Sheds are a month to month rental!! You can take ownership of a rent to own shed in 2 ways!  The best way to pay off a rent to own contract is to take advantage of a early payoff option! This means you call the rent to own / finance company that owns the shed, and tell them you want to pay off the storage building. They will give you a payoff amount that includes sales tax. The other way to take ownership of a rental shed is to make the full amount of consecutive payments, 24 months, 36 months, 48 months, or 60 months! Once you make the full number of rent to own payments as stipulated in the rent to own agreement, you will take OWNERSHIP of the storage building! Way better than endless mini storage rentals vs rent to own sheds!

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