When looking for a storage shed builder in NC, you may be wondering what kind of shed is the most durable? There are many kinds of sheds styles for sale and its tough making a decision. Luckily the best sheds near you might just be the easiest to understand. We build custom wood sheds as a turnkey sheds service. With lumber pricing for sheds being so high, more people than ever are choosing a shed installation contractor rather than trying to build a shed DIY.


1 Wood Sheds Are Durable! Wood is made in nature, from trees that are cut and then replanted as a sustainable source for building material. The engineered wood siding for sheds we use, LP Smartside has a 50 year warranty against rot and termites.


2 Wooden Sheds Are Affordable! Prefab custom budget wood sheds are affordable. Wooden storage sheds are some of the most affordable sheds in NC. People searching for affordable wood sheds should definitely consider wooden shed siding over cheap tin sheds!


3 Backyard Garden Sheds Look Great! You can use a wood shed design tool to design your shed online or buy a in stock shed. Prebuild storage sheds that are wooden look great in your backyard or garden!


4 Wooden Storage Sheds Are Low Maintenance! A storage shed for sale that is wooden, if build well is very low maintenance! In olden days people may have thought of “cheap wood sheds” but advances in materials and engineered LP Smartside Sided Sheds means you wont have to do much work once the turnkey wood shed has been installed. Sherwin Williams paint protects your building and you can change the color of your shed by repainting a shed every 10 years or more often if you would like!


5 Wood Sheds Come In All Shed Sizes & Prices!  Maybe your looking for small wood sheds or extra large wood sheds! You can find a cheap storage building from 8×8 size or go big and get a 12×40 storage building! Small storage sheds from sizes 8×8 8×12 8×16 and 10×12 are very popular!  Large shed sizes from 12×20 12×24 and 12×28 are very popular! Everybody likes a cheap storage building price, but don’t forget to shop for quality details!



Don’t forget in your search for a shed that most sheds can be financed or you can do a buy here pay here style rent to own sheds program.






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