Imagine stepping outside your home – the place where you like to relax, cook some dinner, play with the kids, watch TV –  to walk 50’ to a backyard office. Privacy, peace and quiet, and comfort. Workstations, computers, design tables, shelves, and everything needed to successfully work from a home office shed. 

Sheds have come a long way since the days of the rough stud walls and bare storage spaces. You can still find these everywhere and they serve a good purpose for storage, but what we’re talking about today is the upgraded and modern shed home office. 


8 x 8 Office Shed


Options for Outdoor Office Sheds


  • Home office shed design

Write down what you do for work, and what you have at your work location. Do you work at a cubicle; what is the approximate size of your office space? Do you need a spot for just a computer and printer, and maybe a comfy chair, or are you getting set up to do woodworking or sewing? Do you need a garden office pod? Write down the size you think you might need and will fit your yard, and then click on the link below to get a visual guide on what size will work for you. 

This article will help you get started on choosing the right shed size.


  • Insulated shed office + utilities

One of the keys to building a work space is comfort. If you spend your days freezing or boiling no one’s going to get any real work done. Ordering an electrical package and insulation with a prefab office shed is a non-negotiable. You will be thankful for this when it’s 2 in the afternoon, 97 degrees outside, and you have a shady and cool place to work. 

Or with an espresso machine set up in the corner of the office to really get creative juices going. 


  • Think outside the home office shed 

One of the uses for a pre built office is that they are excellent for small businesses starting out. It’s just as handy for the work-from-home crowd as the new greenhouse hot spot in town. New companies starting out may not need a large building, so prefabricated “garden offices” are a fabulous economical solution. Base your point of sale out of a shed converted to office for a captivating extension of your business. 


  • Purchase a used office shed 

In the Rent-to-Own industry it’s common for folks to only need a shed for a period of time, and with the unique flexibility of this kind of rental-purchase contract, buildings can be returned at any time. Check with a local dealer or our office to see if there are any used building options. It’s less expensive for a sturdy building that may already have some pre-finishing done. Especially with material and lumber price hikes it can be an economical choice. 


  • Install a bathroom 

This is the last and most luxurious add-on for a studio shed interior. Bathrooms are a little more cost prohibitive, but depending on the nature of your work or the location of the office pod adding a bathroom is an excellent option for yourself or employees. This option isn’t usually as available for Rent-to-Own, but if you are purchasing a shed it’s worth considering. 



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